Creating a WrenchMode WordPress Maintenance plugin

Jun 1, 2016 | Product,

One of our goals is to create a WordPress plugin for WrenchMode. I started my design career as a WordPress theme designer and eventually shifted into developing my own. Oftentimes I’ve been approached by clients who want to move a site, update an legacy custom plugin, etc., all of which require database work at some point. If you’re hosting on a great tool like WPEngine or other WP specific hosts, it’s a breeze to work on staging and push to live. Even in this setting, you may require to bring down your site from time to time, however briefly.

The built in WordPress maintenance mode is rather simple and mostly un-customizable (you can do some neat .htaccess redirects to make it a bit nicer though). There are also a few nicely maintained and great plugins that will let you create a maintenance page inside WordPress itself. If you’re mucking about in your database, your site’s security is compromised, or you’re updating a plugin and the whole site is put into the auto generated WP maintenance mode, you’re going to want something a bit more robust. WrenchMode is a simple middleware app that will take the burden off these issues and allow you to have access to your live site in its entirety (through our upcoming feature of IP whitelisting), push live updates to your users to keep them informed, and fully test or upgrade your site without worry.

The biggest part of maintenance is keeping your users informed. Live updates and auto redirect when maintenance is done are essential in doing so—and all core features of WrenchMode. Look for this easy to use and simple maintenance mode plugin on the WordPress platform soon.