Different Backgrounds for Different Apps

May 19, 2016 | Product,

Today’s hot new feature is the ability to better customize your maintenance page by selecting one of a handful of pre-made background images. That way, you can better match your maintenance page theme to your existing web app. We want to make it a seamless transition for your users to land on your Wrenchmode maintenance page and not get confused, and uniform branding is the easiest way to achieve that.

More customization…?

Obviously, the next question is: “Can I upload my own background?” Maybe at some point we’ll allow this, but for now we’re trying to keep it simple. We expect 99% of Wrenchmode users will want to spend as little time as possible customizing their Wrenchmode page so they can get back to working on their actual app. To that end, we’re focusing on making it look nice (…but generic) out of the box.

For now, just choose one of the handful of images for your background and call it done. They all look good, and they definitely look better than the default Heroku maintenance page, or worse, a browser timeout page…